We offer a variety of Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible classes and invite you to come sit in on one, two, or all of them and find one that fits you.


Sunday Morning - 9:40am

Romans - Auditorium - Doug Brown
Cafe' Class:  JONAH:  The Most Successful Prophet Ever  College/Young Professionals - Hebrews - Room 203 - Rick Hankins
God's Servants - Room 207 - Alan Taylor

Wednesday Evening - 6:30pm

Matthew - Auditorium - Rick Hankins
Ladies Class - Room 208 - Various Teachers
Satan and the Demons- Room 205 - Larry Lawrence
College-Age - Room 202 - Garrett Schmille


In the Beginning, The Grace of God - Gym/Cafe - Neal Peck

Meeting Jesus - Gym/Cafe - Jerry Patton

The Sermon on the Mount - Gym/Cafe - Jerry Patton

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